Silent Partner Camera’s “Third I Cameras” Brand offers you an extra invisible eye which provides you with greater perception beyond ordinary sight with our Car Cameras, Body Cameras, Sports Cameras, Helmet Cameras and Dive Cameras.

Our Vehicle Cameras (high-quality backup car camera, rear view camera system, car monitor, and vehicle & car camera system), black box cameras and back up cameras allow you to view all the areas of your vessel in high resolution real time video. They increase visibility and eliminate blind spots.

Car Cameras and Dash Cams provide video proof or a reliable eyewitness of events as you drive your car or vehicle. In car cameras are one of the best ways to protect your vehicle from vandalism, accidents, or break-ins. Car cameras are compact recording devices designed to let you capture the view from your vehicle while in motion. They also allow you to covertly record all activity inside and out with ease. Protect yourself against insurance cash claims.

Car Recorders capture the vital information (GPS, Audio and Video) you need to protect yourself your family and your property.Vehicle Camera DVR Systems are the latest technology for commercial fleets and vehicle monitoring. Superior HD resolution dash cams, car cameras & black boxes with GPS are available.

While our sport cameras are rugged, weatherproof video cameras for capturing sports and action video footage while provide you with an extra set of eyes.

You can strap our extreme sport flashlight DVRs, camping flashlight DVRs, headlamp DVRs, helmet cameras, sports cameras, bullet cameras, dive cameras and underwater cameras to a bike, a surfboard, a car, or a helmet, and record from the daredevil's point of view.

Helmet cam, sport cam, bullet cam, or whatever you want to call them are handy little cameras for recording your adventures and active lifestyle from the user’s point of view (POV).

No matter which model you choose, our cameras are perfect for your extreme sports and can work as camcorders, digital cameras and flashlights while giving you a third eye perspective.

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