Silent Partner Cameras offer a wide range of Flashlight DVRs and Torch DVRs for your day and night time use: Standard 3 Watt Flashlight DVRs, 6 Watt Flashlight DVRs and 9 Watt Flashlight DVRs; GPS Flashlight Digital Video Recorders (DVRs); Infrared Flashlight Digital Video Recorders (DVRs); Specialized Inspection Flashlight Digital Video Recorders (DVRs); UV Flashlight Digital Video Recorders (DVRs); Thermal Imaging Flashlight Digital Video Recorders (DVRs). In addition Silent Partner Cameras offer specialized products such as: Inspection Flashlight Digital Video Recorder Torch, Gas Detection Flashlight DVRs, Flashlight Video Cameras & Recorder Torch and DVR LED Flashlight Torch.

The flashlight DVR is an excellent tool for Traffic Stops, Search and Seizures, Crime Scene Investigations, Street Apprehensions, Drug and DUI Stops, Domestic Violence, SWAT Initiatives, as well as many other uses for Customs, Correctional Services, Border Patrol and Services, Coast Guard, RCMP, Homeland Security, FBI, CIA, CSIS and others.

It can speed up the process of identifying the problem, how to solve, resolve or correct the problem or repair, appropriate next steps, identifies inappropriate behaviors and simplifies lawsuits or claims. It is a great tool to be integrated into your infrastructure and can be used to inspect in many situations including: Food and Health,  Safety, Buildings and Construction Sites, Utility Systems, Manufacturing Facilities, Parts or Order Inspections, School Locker Inspections, Surveillance and Security, Shoplifting, Investigations, Airplanes and Luggage Inspections, Postal Inspections, Railway and or Trains, Unruly Patron or Passenger Removal, Home Inspections, Insurance Claims, Fire and Arson, Environmental Inspections, Bridges and Dams, Mines and Pipelines, Atomic and Nuclear Energy as well as many others.

A Flashlight Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is a battery-operated portable light (flashlight) that also allows you to record video & audio files (DVR-Digital Video Recorder or camcorder) and in some cases take photos (Digital Camera). They can be used in the day and are designed for nighttime expeditions and dark places. A DVR works by saving the streaming digital signal to a hard-drive or memory card. Software allows the saved video & audio recording stream to be played back at another time. It works like your computer, with a hard drive that stores information or a VCR, but instead of using a ribbon or tape it records and plays it back digitally. We have designed and manufactured all of our products with quality, compactness, high durability, waterproof and long life spans in mind.

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